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The most ambitious project of the well-known stylist Xavier Matamoros has already opened its doors.

His more than ten years of experience in the world of beauty and fashion materialize in the Xavier Matamoros Hair Salon in the very heart of Palma old town in a luxurious ambient.

This charming space with an industrial touch and at the same time with a dash of bohemian-chic style brings the fashion trends day to day to its clientele. In addition, all the professionals on your service in the salon are offering a comprehensive customer service that includes everything from hairdressing to makeup, personal counseling or exlusive aesthetic treatments.

The fundamental ingredients of the Xavier Matamoros Hair Salon are the best international cosmetics firms. The slogans are masterful formulas, personalized hair treatments so that each client feels special and unique, and a hair with all its splendor and in a top shape. 

Moreover, our dedication to our clientele does not stop at the walls of the salon. You could ask for any type of advice or consult through our Facebook site - an interactive space where you could even make an appointment or exchange opinions about our services with other clients or with our team itself. In the same manner, one can be dazzling without even crossing the doors of our salon since any member of the team of Xavier Matamoros (even himself) can attend you at home either to show you and teach you how to take advantage of your beauty or how to go impeccable to any social event.

Another novelty of the salon is that it is an authentic Event Place. It is brand new innovative concept for clients of all ages, they could leave our salon absolutely ready for any type of event: from a perfect manicure to hairstyling and fashion makeup are all possible thanks to the multidisciplinary training of our staff - always in contact with the newest trends in favor of frequent interventions in fashion shows, editorials and red carpet productions.

On the other hand it is important to mention, that every now and then Xavier Matamoros and his team incorporates the newest hairstyles and cuts in their working methonds inspired by new trends in fashion. We are not only concerned that style and beauty reign in our salon, we are also taking part in the sustainable development and environment. The prestigious architect and decorator Zsofia Veres has been in charge of conferring this corner located in the most elegant area of Palma de Mallorca.

Xavier Matamoros was born in 1985 in Sant Carles de la Rapita (Tarragona) as a son a of a hairdresser. He began his professional career working for major hairdressing firms.

In 2003 after studying image consultancy in Tarragona, he starts to work for a well known hairdresser in the same city, getting in touch with all the best cosmetic brands, forming himself without stopping in the world of fashion as he is very interested in the Importance of the men hairstyle.

In 2005 he began to work in Catalonia with one of the best hairdressing multinational company in the world, there he did all the possible courses until becoming director of a salon, thanks to his insatiable voracity to grow. In 2007 he applies to be part of the technical team of the brand, but with his young appearence they offer him the management of a salon in Palma de Mallorca, where he spends 6 years as director of the salon in the old town until he decides to open his own beauty salon.

In November 2013 he opens his first hairdressing salon as a recognized and well known professional. From this moment on, he begins to introduce himself more strongly -if it's even possible - in the world of fashion, advertising, the media and often becomes image consultant, collaborator of important models and current figures, etc.

He works regularly with the major hairdressing brands, his presence is required in such important groups as Kerastase, Shu umerura, Redken, Aveda,Bumble & Bumble, Kevin Murphy, John Masters Organics... This wide and incredible experience has forged in his person a unique style that clearly differentiates him from the rest. Its naturalness, its freshness, its class and its originality when combing are the keys of the recognition that it owns at the moment.

At present, he combines his ascending career as a hairdresser with the training of professionals. In this way, he surrounds himself with a trustworthy team that supports him, helps him and shares that philosophy and style that characterizes him so much.

Xavier Matamoros

Manager, first officer

Nico Montero

Director, first officer